About Us

When Arnold Carbone founded the Glorious Garlic Farm the vision was fairly simple, grow the most unique high quality garlic that will WOW chefs and local garlic lovers. Launching with over a dozen different varieties it wasn’t hard to convince the local chefs in the northern Nevada area that our garlic was special. Now in our seventh crop year it was clear that to make the over all business sustainable, we had to add some value added products to our farm product portfolio.

We came up with the idea for creating a garlic seasoning with garlic as the main ingredient that would enhance the flavor of the food being cooked. One of the challenges was the small size of our farm. We grow about 400 pounds of garlic and around 1500 pounds of gourmet potatoes on a ‘mini-micro farm”, roughly ½ acre, in the high desert of northern Nevada . It was clear that we would not be able to grow enough garlic on the farm to supply both our fresh garlic business and a seasoning blend product. There was just not enough Glorious Garlic Farm garlic to go around without disappointing some very loyal local chefs.

What’s a farmer to do? Since over 60% of the garlic used in the USA now is imported form China and other Asian countries it was critical that if we were going to launch a high quality seasoning product to Glorious Garlic Farm premium quality standards that a source for USA grown garlic be discovered. Luckily, Arnold  had 20+ years experience working for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream creating some iconic flavors like Phish Food, Wavy Gravy, and Chubby Hubby. He dusted off his product development and sourcing skills and found a high quality spice company in the USA that could guarantee all of the garlic used in the Glorious Garlic Farm  proprietary spice blend would contain 100% garlic grown in the USA.

Introducing Glorious Garlic Farm “Everyday Garlic Seasoning” Sweet & Sassy and Big N’ Bold , two proprietary blends, both low in sugar and salt and 100% USA grown garlic, with Big and Bold having no added sugar for those days you want the heat without the sweet.

 It’s taken about two years to bring Glorious Garlic Farm “Everyday Garlic Seasoning” to you and we know you’ll agree it was worth the wait.